Blatter ,Platini banned by FIFA Ethic court for eight years

ZURICH:FIFA president Sepp Blatter  and European Football boss Michel Platini were both banned for eight years by the FIFA Ethic commetie on Monday.

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Blatter :Photo by Abbas jadoon

“I will fight “. Blatter told a news conference in ZURICH. I will fight until the end.

Blatter and his fellow Platini were kicked out of the sport for conflict of interest and disloyality to FIFA in a $2 million payment deal that is also the subject of a criminal investigation in Switzerland. The sentence against the two of world Football most powerful  leaders stunningly highlighted the troubles faced by the world most popular sport where billions billions of dollars have been invested  in recent years. Both men were defiant in response to the verdict ,with each saying they will appeal to the Court of Arbitration for sport,and insisting that they had done nothing wrong.

Platini described the proceedings as ” true mockery “.Blatter invoked the Nelson’s Mandela ,Martin Luther King and the United Nations  in a spirited 52 minutes of surgical tape on his right cheek  after a minor medical procedure five days earlier.

” My behavior  has always been faultless and I am at peace with  my own conscience “Blatter said.

FIFA Ethics   judges decided that Platini and Blatter  broke rules on conflicts with the interest ,breach of loyalty  and offering or receiving gifts.


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