2015 First ever Snowfall in Pakistan Different Areas.

A View Of Snow Fall On Abbottabad Hills.

Yes,we talk about the very first Sonwfall in this year 2015.The interesting ffact is that  everyone is enjoying in this Snowfall and walking around the house and in gardens.

Another interesting fact is that, modern and computer generation  taking Selfies in different mobiles.

Real View.


Friends make group and capturing pictures in variety of designs and styles one After another one.

When you see him at first you may shocked but after some time you understand the situation is perfect for Snapshots and Selfies.

Different questions  wil arise in your mind that is (1)What people are doing in this coldweather?(2)They don’t feel that intensive environment?But the answer for all questions lie  one thing that is “Weather is full of joy and happiness”.IMG_20151223_143150

Situation of Children:

The children are playing  in snow with full of happiness and enjoying the first snow of winter.No safety measures for saving himself from cold weather. They collect snow and shaped him like a round tennis ball and start playing catch catch game.In my view ,child’s are the one who joy this event very interestingly.

What,s Going On Social media Platforms:
People used social media platforms i-e Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc essentially once in a day in this era.So we excitingly check our Facebook ID where alot of my friends Post pictures ,status and Selfies which they capture during the time of Snow.Breaking News that Snowfall start in my area.And much more related to this Snowfall event.
Snow on Mountains In Abbottabad.Photo by Abbas Khan Jadoon.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Yes we enjoyed this awesome event.


  2. Yes in Abbottabad Snowfall makes weather cold and windy.


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