3 Living Legend In Football.TheWorld Most Popular Game.

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Lionel Messi, Neymar And Luis Suarez helped Barcelona to a Club World Cup title on Sino.

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We are likely here to represent that who are the living legend  in Soccer. Definitely some popular Sports personalities are coming in your mind that not only proved himself in the football ground but also in popular leagues.These three are also well known by every football lover.Finally the wait is over and we tell you.

Lionel Messi, Neymar and Luis Suarez best trident in Barcelona history.images (24)

These three big names made dozens of record in the history of FIFA and others Famous leagues.They received many others titles and highly awards in many ceremonies held by officially FIFA.

“I can say I was part of the best forward lines the club has had” said by Villa, the lead goal scorer.

He also said when he arrived the team started with ups and downs, with criticism coming from everywhere and in the end Barca won everything  again.images (26).jpg

It,s Undoubtedly the Best Combination:

Speaking to a news conference on Wednesday, Villa, 34,says he’s convinced the current front line, who on Sunday led the way in Barcelona 3_1 won in Club World Cup final  triumph of River Plate ,is better than all the resClub.          My  Personal Opinion:

In my opinion ,these are the living legend  in the world Famous Sport. The dangerous forward line who is capable of changing the results of a match by his performance in the  grounds stadium.I called this a  super powers of Barcelona Club



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