From Paris To Pakistan.

The Paris agreement sets developing countries on a course of enhancing adaptive capacity and increasing resilience.

PM Nawaz Sharif and His Speech On COP21:

Prime minister Nawaz Sharif enjoys the unique honour of being perhaps the o only head of state who was present at the Earth Summit  of 1992,where  the UN Frame work conversation on Climate Change (UNFCCC) was born, and also 23 years late in Paris to witness the start of COP21 which resulted in the adoption of the Paris  climate agreement, this December.

PM Short speech and quick departure from the airport in Paris was criticized by Media and Experts.

Pakistan Federal minister for Climate Change, Zaid Hamid ,recently pointed out this fact  at a media that “There were over 150 leaders of various countries and they  all left  after  making nationalstatements which set  the tone for the negotiations.

I think the PM made a positive statement and everyone was  directed by the chair to speak for just three minutes.

It is a difficult exercise to keep’s one speech too short.

There were heads of state who went over the three minutes limit but PM adequately outlined the measures  we are taking and ensured that Pakistan” s position was reflected “

Bilal anwar ,a climate expert  who now works for the Center for Climate Research and  Development at Comsats  University In Islamabad called the Paris outcome

“A landmark agreement that was not perfect .But in all my years  at these negotiations I have not seen  a perfect  agreement come out of the UNFCCC process”



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