A list of 15 Small Things For You To Do To Become Happier In Life.

We all have desires ,needs and wants. Most importantly all our pursuits amount to us being happy. However chasing happiness should stem from the decisions and choices we make.

Focus on little things ,as such as necessary ,rather then the mighty actions you have to reach happiness.

At the end of the day, happiness is never a destination but a journey and every step should be one where you embrace the excitement and joys life has to offer. Here is a list of 20 small things you can do to become Happier In daily life.

1)Be thankful and show gratitude. It is not about what you don’t have but about the things you currently have. Find a way to express your gratitude.


2)Pursue the right career.Yes do something that combines work and fun in your life.


3) Stop learning to be perfect. No one is.

4)Learn to tolerate others .Just as you are not perfect ,people around you also fall short of being perfect also.

5)Don’t compairng your with others. Rather always try to be a better version of yourself.

6)Start each day with a simple.

7)Dream and always hope for the best.There are no gains or successor in worrying after all.

8_For give yourself and learn to forgive others.

9)Give social media a break and learn to experience some  me time.


11)Give to some one in need .It does not have to be money but it could be your time or energy.

12)If you will always make mistakes don’t ever take yourself too seriously.

13)Listen or Participate is interesting and thought provoking discussions.

14)Be reasonable .Not everyone wil acept your opinion or beliefs.

15)Don’t try to win every argument.


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