Shaheed Benazir Bhutto’s Final Speech at Liaqat Bagh Rawalpindi 27 December 2007.images (44).jpg

Today we will talk about the First Woman Prime Minister of Pakistan Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto and her five points Programme for the development of Pakistan. She was selected two Times as a Prime Minister of Pakistan. He revolutionised the Pakistan soil with Democracy and the basics rights of man and woman. She was so talented and educated in the Politics at that time.

“Equality and jobs ,education, environment, energy and equality complete our five point programme”she said on 27 December 2007 at Liaqat Bagh Rawalpindi Pakistan.images (46).jpg

We understand that with this programme in practice .we will be able to fulfill the promise of the Quaid-e-Awam And People’s Party.

“My sisters and brothers ,elders;we will raise the level of education and give the teachers respect and a quality life.

We will set up industries in the public and private sectors so that the people get employment.Pakistan is an agriculture country and we will promote the agriculture on the modern lines.

We will review the oppressive IRO (industrial relations ordinance) of 2002;will provide the mill hand with the opportunity of organizing trade unions.

Never in any of the People’s Party governments downsizing took place and we will not do so in the future either. The Pakistan People’s Party has always stood by the People; the history of the people’s party is replete with democratic struggle for (the rights of) the people.

“The Quaid-e-Awam was put to gallows, my two brothers were assassinated, my mother had her head injured with stave attack,your brother Asif Ali Zardari was put in jail, he was kept in pindi and attock prisons and I to was placed in prison and incarcerated several times.images (45).jpg

Yet we did not parted ways with the people and the people also remained steadfast and kept on supporting us.; they are still with us and together we we will realize the cherished goal of justice and a welfare society.Non-one of us left each other because ours is the way of truth, ours is the way of justice, ours is the way of legitimacy; non_one can separate us from pursuing this path.

” My brothers, this is a Year of high importance;several incidents took place this year; the Chief Justice of Pakistan was sacked twice; our judges were arrested; Islamabad witnessed the incident of the Lal Masjid during which more than one hundred people were killed and every body was became suspicious after these troublesome events if the elections will be held”images (47)

When I returned to home to fulfill my promise to you and bring about a change in the country, to restore democracy and dispense with dictatorship, elements inimical to this change and democracy convulsed the city of Karachi with a massive bomb explosions. The attempted was aimed at removing the entire People’s party leadership from the scene; disrupt the process of elections and pave the way for the undemocratic elements to prolong and perpetuate in power unlawfully

But the saviour is bigger than the killer and this conspiracy failed. I pay my Tribute to the martyrs who offered their lives to save the People, s Party Leadership.


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