Riding a Bicycle Makes You Smart, Healthy And Creative.

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Ready to get a bicycle .

In this modern era, oursurrounding is facilitated with cars,Aeroplanes and much more in which hundreds of thousands of people travelled from one place to the others places in the country throughout the whole world.

These Modren inventions made the current every day life of people living in the cities and there are also many houses in the village this take advantage from all latest things which are helpful for all of us.

My Bicycle.

Everything has two sides effects that is positive and the other one is  negative. As a result these modern equipments also have alot of drawbacks which have negative affects on our mother nature.

For Example,All my neighbours have cars,motorcycles and others expansive vehicles for traveling purposes but no one have bicycle for short traveling distances. It is interesting because a normal bicycle price is 10_15 thousands rupees as compared to Cars whose price is 10_15 lakhs.

Benefits of bicycle;IMG_20160102_200632.jpg

Riding a bicycle makes you smart, healthy and creative.

It has good affects on your body.

In morning, inhaling and exhaling of fresh air cleans your lungs which is good for you.

It makes your legs strong and elastic.

You become aware of your society when you traveling on a bicycle in your local society.

Disadvantages of Modern Vehicles;

Many Modern Vehicles are highly contagious to our environment because they emitted smoke and others hazardous gases in the atmosphere.

While on the other hand side bicycle is environment friendly which makes him unique in society. It neither emits any smoke nor other hazardous gases .No noise pollution is caused by bicycle.

My bicycle;

I have a bicycle in this modern era and when I get ready to ride him in my own city for 20_30 minutes in early morning,my relatives, neighbors and others friends wondered and see at me with surprising eyes. I think they thought that why I used bicycle in this 21st century in which cars and others Vehicles are available easily but it is my


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